Running 22 miles for my 22 birthday

June 2, 2020


Covid-19 did not allow me to run the marathon I had planned to run in march and after that I kinda stopped running in April since I was sad that I was not able to run. However, during the month of may I joined the 100k run challenge and completed it. By this point I think I am back in decent shape and given that its 4.2 miles less than the marathon I feel that it could be feasible given my decent shape and my strong desire to finish.


Plan is pretty simple.. Wake up 5:30am drive to White Rock Lake (fav running place) it is where I previously ran my farthest distance up to date which was about 18.2 miles. It is about 9 miles around the lake. So my plan is to run 2 miles east and then run 2 miles west (to get back to my starting point where I left my car) then basically do two laps which is about 22 miles!


To finish! I do not care about time


I was in decent shape before this run and I felt that I could hopefully finish under 4 hours!

Sergio Guerrero
Software Developer at Paycom / Graduate CS Student

Software Developer at Paycom